Sampling procedure

Why at Pegasus Laboratory Services we emphasise on good bleeding practice ?

At Pegasus Laboratory Services, we are detail-oriented and keeping an eye for every single process to assure quality results.  Sampling is a crucial step, which is the main reason for erroneous blood results or need to repeat the blood sampling. Samples which are drawn outside the Laboratory must follow the guidelines as indicated in the tables below and assure that samples reach the laboratory as soon as possible and avoid temperature change and exposure such as heat or deep freeze.  

To avoid any sample mismatch, all sample submissions must include name, address, phone number, sample ID, and desired analysis. Email address is suggested for rapid return on reports but is not required, since hard copy results can be collected personally from laboratory/Marsa outlet.

Recommended Blood Collection Order

Unless not indicated otherwise, it is ideal that all samples are kept away from sunlight, at room temperature or kept in a moderately cooled container at a fixed temperature of 2 to 15 deg C and delivered as soon as possible to the laboratory.

Please note that some samples are intended to clot (with clot activator), such as YELLOW and RED containers, while VIOLET, GREY, GREEN and BLACK are designed to keep free from blood clots (with anticoagulant).

Laboratory staff will check the quality of each sample at the reception area to confirm that they are correctly filled up to the mark and that the right containers were submitted.  Samples which are not adequately filled or labelled are not accepted. We care for our clients and insist to issue quality results on the correct samples.

Watch the BLOOD TUBES Order Of Draw
Priority on Quality of Blood Samples means Issue of Quality results

If you find any difficulty, please give us a call on +356 9946 0705. Pegasus Laboratory Services distribute blood sample containers and sterile needles free of charge. In cases where clients have very difficult veins or afraid from blood drawing, we promise to have the right people to carry out the job. We care for our clients from the beginning of the procedure until the issue of the results.

Pegasus Laboratory Services made Blood Drawing so Simple